Suspicions on a Cheating Spouse: To Confirm or Not to Confirm – that is the question!

Missed phone calls.
Ignored text messages.
Flimsy excuses to go out of town.
That uncomfortable gut feeling that something is wrong.

Could these small things mean your spouse is cheating on you?

Being cheated on is a dreadful feeling. You can’t rest easy unless you get to the bottom of the matter.

Ask yourself right now, are you okay with how things are?

If not, then here’s what you can do about it.

1. Resist confronting your spouse until you have solid evidence

It’s best to gather proof before bringing up the topic of infidelity with your partner. They might refute your claims upfront and become even more secretive. Which, all in all, will make it harder for you to get the proof you need.

2. Start a journal to track your partner’s whereabouts

Write down important information. A cheating spouse might question your memory or change their side of the story. Bring light to these moments by listing down the following:

  • The dates of events or outings.
  • The people attending the said event.
  • The bases as to why you weren’t invited.
  • The reasons why your spouse arrived home late.

3. Collect hard evidence

Further your search without being too invasive or obvious. There are a number of ways you can track your spouse’s activities.

  • Check credit card statements and receipts.
  • Check your spouse’s car mileage and keep a daily record. A sudden jump in the mileage could be a tell-tale sign.
  • Search social media for dummy accounts your partner might have in a different name.

4. Hire a private investigator

The subject of a cheating partner is delicate. Working by yourself is a brave pursuit, but not an easy one. The thought of catching them is terrifying, but to keep wondering is torturous.

You’re already stressed out. Why not let someone else take care of the messy business of tracking and uncovering the truth?

A private investigator can reveal the truth you seek once and for all. Discreetly and professionally.

In the untoward and unfortunate case that your spouse is confirmed to be cheating, any surveillance evidence gathered by a private investigator is admissible to courts in Australia. At Jonathan Jackson and Partners we use legal and ethical methods for our surveillance so you can use the collected evidence to back your case in resolving child custody and property settlements.

Knowing the truth will bring you one of two outcomes:

  • If your partner has been cheating, the truth offers closure and helps you move forward in life.
  • If your partner did not cheat, the truth gives you reassurance and removes any doubts from your mind. It might even strengthen your bond. In this case, it’s good to be proven wrong.

Either way, you will always stand to gain from the truth.

Are you finally ready to confirm your suspicions? Tell me about your concerns. I’m here to help. Every consultation is 100% anonymous and confidential, guaranteed.

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